August 6, 2019

In our third and final part of this series I’m going to give you quick and easy tweaks that will bring you extra sales from your Evergreen Launch.

In Part One we covered the problems with the “launch to survive” method of growing your business and how it leads to burnout and frustration. 

We also analyzed the Evergreen Launch model and why it delivers high sales conversions but in an automated system that runs without you.

In Part Two you got a step by step recipe of exactly how to setup your Evergreen Launch. No detail was left out.

And by now you should be signed up for the Post Launch Playbook – the free training series that walks you through all the steps and gives you a print-ready PDF blueprint for building your Evergreen Launch.

Now it’s time to show you some simple and quick tips that will crank up your sales to eleven.

I’ve got five of them for you.


Here goes:

Tip #1: Hide the floating bar until the perfect time

If your marketing campaign is more than 3 days long then I recommend you don’t emphasize the deadline until the final 3 days.

Here’s why.

Your deadline is going to be most effective in the final few days of your promotion, especially the last day.

And if you show your deadline too soon you’re going to repel some of your early action takers.

A study conducted by showed that sales jumped by almost 1,000% on the last three days leading up to a deadline.

Not only is timing important for when you should use your deadline (and countdowns) but it’s important for knowing when you should not emphasize the deadline.

If you emphasize a deadline that’s far off into the future you risk two reactions.

First, it’s very likely you’re going to be perceived as pushy.

You risk losing attention and trust because you’re “going for the sale” too early in the relationship and emphasizing a deadline before you’ve built up the desire for your course.

Instead, you should spend the early part of your marketing developing authority, building trust, and increasing desire for your solution.

Second, you risk releasing tension and pressure for your prospect to take action if you emphasize the deadline too early.

Look at this example from a poor performing viral campaign:

(Note, this is not one of our clients)

In the example above, emphasizing the deadline actually fosters procrastination.

The visitor thinks “Why waste time thinking about this now when I have so much time? I can come back to this later.”

The big lesson I want you to understand is that using a deadline in your marketing is extremely powerful when you emphasize it near the deadline.

There’s a powerful yet simple-to-use feature in Deadline Funnel that will hide all of your floating bars and countdowns until you want it to show, near the end of your campaign.

Inside the Deadline Funnel admin you can go to the Settings of your campaign and you’ll find a section that looks like this

By default the setting is 0 which means your countdowns will show right away.

We do this so you aren’t wondering “Hey, where’s my floating bar? I did everything in the instructions but it’s not there!”

Just choose the number of hours before the deadline when you want the floating bar and countdowns to start showing.

Click the Save button and that’s it!

All of the pages where your countdowns and floating bars have Deadline Funnel setup will hide the timers until close to the deadline.

And speaking of “all of the pages” where you can put Deadline Funnel let’s talk next about a powerful place to add a countdown.

Tip #2: Add the floating bar to the checkout page

With many checkout and payment software systems you can add Deadline Funnel.

For example, you can add Deadline Funnel to your payment pages if you’re using:

  • ClickFunnels
  • SamCart
  • Kajabi
  • 1ShoppingCart
  • ThriveCart

And this also works for any payment software that allows you to add code to your checkout page.

Deadline Funnel will keep the deadline consistent to the person.

So when someone sees 2 hours and 17 minutes on your special offer page and they click through to your payment page, they’ll see 2 hours and 17 minutes there too.

Tip #3: Add a Quick Countdown to Your Upsell Pages

While I’m on the topic of payment pages, adding Deadline Funnel to your upsell pages is a surefire way to increase your revenue. 

The process is simple.

You’re going to create a new Deadline Funnel campaign, from inside our admin.

Next, choose the “15 minute” blueprint as shown here:

Next, adjust the number of minutes for the countdown.

Use a number that forces the decision quickly, but gives your new client enough time to at least go through your offer. For example, if your upsell page has a 20 minute sales video then you need to allow at least 20 minutes but probably 5 to 10 more just to be sure they have enough time to know what you’re offering.

For the Funnel Step, use the URL of your upsell page.

Customize the floating bar appearance, and you’re done.

The tracking for this short deadline will start the moment your new client arrives at your upsell page.

And if you don’t yet have an upsell offer you definitely should create one. 

Tip #4: Personalize the deadline in the body text of your emails

Being more specific with your deadline will increase believability and convince more of your subscribers to take action (because they know the deadline is real).

One simple way to make your deadline specific is to have your email software put each subscriber’s personalized deadline in the body of the email.

So instead of just saying “This offer is over tonight at midnight” you can say 

“This offer is over at 11:59 PM Pacific time March 5th (which is tonight)”.

Here’s an example of how this looks in an email.

Studies show that using specific numbers increases conversions over being more general.

For example, a study by shows clearly that headlines with numbers far outperform headlines without them.

Specific numbers instead of vague approximations is a signal of confidence to the reader. 

So how do you put each prospect’s specific deadline date and time into the body of their email?

The API integration with Deadline Funnel does this for you.

Deadline Funnel will update a custom field for each subscriber with their own deadline date and time.

And then you can use that custom field in the subscriber record to personalize the body text of the email. It’s really the same process you use when you personalize each email with the subscriber’s name.

Using ConvertKit as an example, here’s how you would add that custom field to the body of the email:

This only takes a few clicks to setup and then it works automatically.

Tip #5: Recycle prospects back into your evergreen launch

Even with the most persuasive marketing some of your ideal customers are going to miss the deadline.

And for others, it just wasn’t the right time, but in a few weeks or months it could be perfect timing.

You’ll make more sales by inviting these subscribers back through your Evergreen Launch after a waiting period.

With Deadline Funnel you can choose the lifespan of the tracking.

So for example, if you want to bring prospects back into the same Evergreen Launch 60 days after they went through the first time, just go into the Settings section of our admin and set the Cookie Lifetime to 60.

This is exactly the strategy that I discussed with James Schramko on his podcast “How to Triple Your Sales with Software”.

[Embedded podcast audio]

With my help James set up an Evergreen Launch to give subscribers 3 opportunities to join his membership.

Each time there was a waiting period leading up to an “open cart” enrollment period. After a few days Deadline Funnel would shut down the cart and the subscriber would have to wait.

After 3 trips through the Evergreen Launch funnel the prospect was tagged to remove them from any more retries and they were removed from his list.

What You’ve Learned – And What’s Next

In Part One of the series we covered the effective parts of launches and why they work great for bringing in sales… but how you can’t reliably build our business with just launches.

If most or all of your sales come from launches then you’re limiting your growth.

Scaling your business requires systems. 

You have the same number of hours in the day as Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates.

How you use them is what matters most.

Automation and systems help you scale your business because you have more time for being creative and being a visionary leader.

If you insist on trying to do more and more manual launches you’re headed for burnout.

It’s not that launches are bad. They’re not.

But you need to know when they work best and when they actually limit your potential.

Next in Part Two I walked you through the step by step process of creating your Evergreen Launch.

There are many types of evergreen funnels you can create – and eventually you should explore them.

But the fastest path from manual launching for survival to automated sales system is to use what you already have: your launch.

Your launch worked when you did it live.

So let’s automate it.

You met Nick Stephenson, one of our earliest case studies.

Nick put his own launch on autopilot using Deadline Funnel.

Immediately he saw a 38% jump in sales. 

And that’s a huge jump when you consider that his marketing funnel was already fine tuned from over a year of testing.

But in addition to the jump in income, Nick put his entire marketing funnel on autopilot.

His Evergreen Funnel freed him up to work on his business and not in his business.

He could put his focus into creating new courses, building a team to support his business, and working on more experiments to improve his automated marketing funnel.

In my step by step walkthrough I used ConvertKit and WordPress so I could be specific and show you exactly how it would work. But the same process can work with almost any combination of software.

And finally in Part Three I gave you 5 “low hanging fruit” tips you can use to squeeze every last sale from your automated Evergreen Launch funnel.

You can pick and choose which ones you want to use. Or use all of them!

The most important thing is to choose and take action.

Which leads me to my parting advice to you:

The Most Important Step of All

You have to take action.

Without action, everything you learned is just unused potential.

Knowing “what to do” won’t add an extra dollar to your income if you don’t take the first step.

Don’t let procrastination win.

Most people do… unfortunately.

So here’s a “mind hack” I’ll give you that helps me breeze past procrastination.

I’ve given a lot of marketing talks at events around the world and the scariest part is the wait before I get to say the first sentence.

During the build up to my first words on stage my mind is flooded with anxiety about the talk, whether the audience will like it, and the butterflies in my stomach. My “flight or fight” system is yelling at me to turn around and leave!

But once I get the first sentence out I’m “in the flow” and no longer thinking about stumbling over words or how I’ll perform. I’m just performing. I’m communicating.

In the same way, the most dangerous part you need to get past is everything leading up to the first step.

The trick is to get started as soon as possible.

So do this now:

Step 1 – Sign up for the Post Launch Playbook, if you haven’t already

Step 2 – Start your 14 day test drive of Deadline Funnel

Step 3 – Start a 20 minute timer on your iphone, shut off all distractions, and see how far you can get with creating your first campaign. 

Don’t worry about getting it perfect. Just get it started.

And if you run into any questions, just reach out to my team on chat or email and we’ll come to the rescue.

Everything you’ve learned has brought you to the point where you need to choose to take action or do nothing.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

I’ll see you on the inside!