May 19, 2017

If you’re selling an online course (or creating your first one), there are a TON of different strategies, checklists, blog posts, guides, and other trainings available.

The good news is that they cover just about everything you need to launch your course.

Then you launch your course and it’s awesome (hopefully!), but the not-so-good news is that usually after the launch is over there’s a time when you go from a bunch of sales…

…to no sales at all.

But don’t worry – if this has happened to you, you’re not alone.

So here’s a list of seven great resources on what to do AFTER you launch your course to help you build the “flywheel effect” into your business – generating momentum so that the sales continue to happen on an automated basis.

How An Evergreen Sales Funnel Generates $20K Per Week with David Siteman Garland

On Rick Mulready’s podcast The Art of Paid Traffic, he interviews David Siteman Garland about how he’s creating $20K/week with an evergreen sales funnel. DSG talks about how the funnel works, generating traffic, setting everything up with some of his favorite apps, and more.

How To Create a Dangerously Effective Automated Sales Funnel

If you hate boring business stuff, then Jill and Josh Stanton’s blog at Screw the Nine to Five will be perfect for you. They’ve been building businesses online since 2012 and wrote this post to share their simple (but very effective!) 4-step sales funnel.

How to Build an Evergreen Sales Funnel with ConvertKit

Learn from a Facebook ads coach in this detailed post by Claire Pelletreau as she walks through how to set up an evergreen sales funnel in ConvertKit. It’s especially helpful if you’re using ConvertKit but the same principles apply for other email providers too!

Build an Evergreen Marketing Funnel That Sells Your Courses on Autopilot

Andrew Hubbard created an in-depth guide to using landing pages, automated emails, automated webinars, sales pages, and a membership area to create an evergreen offer and funnel. There’s a lot of software out there but read this post if you want to see how Andrew connected them to build his business.

3 Things to Do After Your Online Course Launch

I really like this article on Thinkific’s blog by Sasha Peakall because she outlines three simple things you can do to kickstart your post-launch course sales. Lots of clear examples and screenshots.

How to Keep Earning Money from Your Course After You Launch

Nate Smith @ Teachable gives interesting insights in this article on how scarcity, dopamine, and asking a simple question can help grow your course sales.

How to Create an Evergreen Facebook Ad Campaign

Once you set up your evergreen funnel, take your marketing to the next level by building an evergreen Facebook ad campaign that correlates directly to the days of your funnel. FB expert Jon Loomer shows how to set up your evergreen ads campaign step-by-step.

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