September 5, 2017

Recently I talked with a client who had a fascinating story to tell about how he has transformed his life and business using Deadline Funnel. He went from several part-time jobs to one full-time job with international impact.

Wath the video, read the transcript, or listen to the audio below!

JB: Hey this is Jack Born, I’m the founder of DeadlineFunnel, and I’m here with a Deadline Funnel client, who was just today, just a few minutes ago chatting with my team in chat, and Allegra said, hey you’ve got to talk to this guy, he said that now he can earn a full-time living thanks to DeadlineFunnel and he loves it. So here we are. So David Charrier, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your business, who are you, how did you get started with an online course?

DC:  Hi everyone, hi Jack, it’s good to talk. Yeah it all started a few months ago actually, not even a whole year. I just wanted to shoot a few tutorials. I’m a music teacher and I’m traveling a lot to give some workshops and stuff and a friend of mine just gave me the idea to shoot some tutorials and put them online. So I started to shoot videos and teaching people this way and I heard about DeadlineFunnel from a friend of mine and I have to say that it has literally changed my sales.

It’s been really wonderful and useful and I really like the way that when it’s over, it’s over, if you refresh your screen, it’s over. So I felt really comfortable with that, ethically speaking. So I’m really grateful for this really, really powerful tool that DeadlineFunnel is.

JB:  So you say you just started just a few months ago and you’re already, we’re not going to share the screen right now, but you shared your numbers and you’re doing very, very well. Why don’t you show the instrument that you teach people how to use.

DC:  Yeah I’m actually teaching this wonderful, beautiful shaped instrument. Let me play you a few seconds.

JB:  That’s amazing. That is amazing.

DC:  It is.

JB:  So, where are most of your people … Are your clients all over the world?

DC:  Oh yeah, actually I could show you the map. I already shared to you my dashboard but maybe I have the map right now and I’m going to share my screen real quick. Yeah they’re coming from all over the world, it’s incredible. I’m glad I did that map actually, once they buy the product they receive the link where they can add a marker and their location. And can you see my screen?

JB:  I can but I’m not seeing your browser yet, I’m seeing … There we go.

DC:  There we go. Just a few seconds, the computer is running slow.

JB:  So while you bring this up, I think I know the answer, but it’d be more interesting hearing it from you. So some people ask, it doesn’t come up very often but sometimes people ask, well, yeah I can see Deadline Funnel working in the U.S. and maybe Canada or Australia, but what about France, or what about Germany, I don’t know if it will work for my market. What do you say?

DC: Yeah, maybe you can tell from my accent I am not American, I am a French dude. I live actually here in Toulouse right here in the map, southwest of France and I just started this business. I didn’t even know it would be a business but it went well and it’s possible and you know I really like that saying that everything is sellable. You can sell everything if you have something you really master.

Kind of we’re still learning, I’m still a student but selling something you know how to do to people who don’t know how to do it, well it works for me and it’s truly possible.  It needs time to be really focused on it and I’ve been working on it a lot, but now I can really say that I’m making a living out of it and I have two people working for me on the website.

JB: Hearing this, I just got shivers, hearing this just makes my day because to be even a small part of what you put together is really a dream come true for me and for my team. I just love the fact that we are part of this success story.

DC: You are completely part of it and look, look at the map, here they are, all of them, in the U.S., even in weird places like there’s a dude right here learning from me.

JB: That’s amazing.

DC: And as you just said, yes, you guys are really part of that success because you provided me a great tool that works and I really felt okay with that and it grew all my sales. And in a good way. It’s not like buy, buy, buy, it’s really like, I have an offer, I’m doing that for you and you can enjoy it for that amount of time and I really enjoy all the options you are offering and I love it and it works.

JB: And you’ve worked with our team on chat. So even though we didn’t have the French videos, you were able to talk with us and get quick help.

DC: Yeah no problem with communication and it’s amazing how available the people I was chatting with were with me. And like scheduling a Skype, that’s amazing. I really feel close to you guys, it’s not something really far and we can really connect. And once I’ve had a guy from your team helping me like crazy on Skype for a long time it was a few months ago and it’s amazing, he took control of all my stuff, he helped me so, so much.

JB: Oh that’s awesome, that’s great. Yeah we really try to go above and beyond because we really want to. First of all we just feel like it’s the right thing to do but we want to be part of success stories like this and grow with our clients.

So I know that people watching this, just starting out with their own online courses are going to wonder, so what is the way that you get the word out that you even have a course available? Do you do free YouTube videos or post on Facebook, what do you do?

DC: Your questions is how I do to give them the lessons?

JB: No I’m sorry, my question is how do you market? So in other words, are you buying ads on Facebook, are you doing YouTube videos and then people click through to your website, how are you getting people to find you?

DC: Okay, so my strategy let’s say, I don’t pay anything on Facebook, nothing so far. I just provide some free content for the people on YouTube. So you have some free videos that are on YouTube, people just see the videos and then, hey guys, I have free tutorials for you, just subscribe here to receive five days email of free tutorial. They subscribe and I’m giving them, giving them and real content. A real long exercise for free, one, two, three, four, and then guys, if you enjoyed my method, who I am, the way I’m teaching, I have a big bundle.

I have seven hours of tutorials and I have a special offer for you and it’s going to only last five days and then you know I have that email sequence I really like deadlines are a really powerful tool. And I mean for the five days, during the five days they have one email every day giving them some other exercises, some preview of the curriculum. I share with them some student’s feedback and stuff so they can see it works for other people and there’s an enthusiasm about the course and yeah, they almost all buy at the end of this five days.

JB: Yeah and you were showing with me when you were showing your dashboard that you do have it for sale all the time, anyone can just show up and buy but it’s this special deal where most people are buying through the special deal before the deadline expires, right?

DC: Yes. 90% of my buyers did it through the funnel. I don’t have a lot of sales apart from the funnel. They have to go through the funnel and this funnel really transforms them from prospective into buyers.

JB: So you said that you used to travel around, maybe you still do, but if you think back to where you were a year ago, how is your life different in terms of just, I would imagine, having the ability to choose when you want to do what you want to do, in your words how is your life different now?

DC: Yeah, it’s so different. So back in the days, in the years sorry, I was a nurse’s aid trying to do two jobs at once. Nurse’s aid and musician. Then I went for half part-time of 50% nurse’s aid, 50% musician. And then I was full-time musician but traveling a lot to do a workshop. You go in the U.S., you have the jet lag back and forth and you did x amount of money.

And here, I don’t want to say I don’t work but kind of. I’m at home, I can do my own stuff, I can keep on developing, doing all the projects. We’re having maybe a year or two some kids with my wife and I want to be a dad at home. I don’t want to be always up road teaching and performing and stuff. So it’s another way of living, another standard, which is a really great one and yeah, I used to teach through Skype but with time zones, audio problems, sometimes video connections, wi-fi slow and all that, it was a bit of a mess and now it’s literally different and yeah, so cool.

JB: That’s fantastic. Well congratulations and I really appreciate you jumping on this call and sharing this inspiring story that I think so many people are going to be able to relate to, so thank you very much David.

DC: Oh it’s my pleasure. Let’s just share the screen for this much. I’m a little bit predict. How do you say, predict?

JB: Private?

DC: But like you don’t want to show too much of your, yeah I know what I mean. So this is this month.

JB: That’s fantastic.

DC: Yeah it’s been 140 core sales and yeah it’s great.

JB: Looks like all the numbers are up and things are growing and that’s fantastic.

DC: Yeah it’s all green so it’s great. Yeah, I love it. Yeah I don’t want to be pretentious but just sharing what this tool has done for me so just wanted to do this little Skype and get to know you guys even better.

JB: Awesome well we like to travel so we’ve been to Australia, I hope to come to France one day, maybe I’ll come by and you can give me some lessons.

DC: Yes some lessons and yeah, good wine, good cheese, good stuff, anytime.

JB: Alright, thanks so much David.

DC: My pleasure.

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