March 7, 2018

It’s been a busy and exciting time here at Deadline Funnel. After months of hard work, we’re excited to announce several new features that we hope you’re going to really like.

New Deadline Funnel Interface:

If you’ve logged in recently, this update is not news to you. We totally re-designed our admin and the reaction has been awesome. When you log in you immediately see the new look:

Deadline Funnel Introduces new streamlined, user-friendly interface

The changes are more than cosmetic, the new user interface makes it faster and easier than ever to create your Deadline Funnel campaigns. Watch our intro video here:

Early feedback:

Deadline Funnel client made 100K using automated funnel

New Hybrid Deadline Feature:

This new deadline type is perfect for when you want your deadline to be on a set day of each regardless of when people enter your funnel. Check out the video here:

Read more about all of the deadline types here:

Floating Bar Improvements:

We’ve made some significant changes to the floating bar that are what our clients asked for and more. You can now adjust the size to suit your needs and also choose to include or exclude the countdown timer, text, and call-to-action button. All of these new features still include our mobile-responsive features, so you can feel confident using them on mobile. Check out that video here:

If you’re using the Deadline Funnel WordPress plugin, be sure to download and install the most recent version of our plugin to take advantage of these floating bar improvements. You can find the plugin under My Account >> Code Snippets >> WordPress.

New Integration with ManyChat:

Last but not least, this new integration can be a real game-changer. In this short video you’ll start to see the potential of using ManyChat to boost your sales further with Facebook and an automated Deadline from Deadline Funnel:

You can find more information about our integration with ManyChat here:

That’s it for now, but know that we are working behind the scenes on even more new features and improvements. If you have any feedback or questions we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.