September 11, 2019

Now that you’ve launched your online course you’re faced with a challenge.
What do you do after your launch?

Should you keep re-launching several times a year?

How will you survive the non-launch months when hardly any sales are coming in?

Launching more often might work… but do you have the time and energy to do more and more launches?

Here’s some good news:

You’re not the first person to ever wonder “How do I go from a successful launch (or a few) to a fast growing business?”

And today I’m going to give you the answer.

I’m the founder of Deadline Funnel. My team and I have helped thousands of course creators and online entrepreneurs escape the unpredictable income of a business that depends on launches to survive.

Launching over and over as the only way to get clients drains your energy.

How do I know?

Because many years ago I suffered through a multi-month “launch-a-palooza” nightmare.

Days and weeks blurred past me as I chain-guzzled Monster energy drinks until 2am every night.

My family life suffered. My health took a backseat. 

It sucked.

But through trial and error… and determination to find a better way… I figured out how to build a business that doesn’t need launches to survive.

And I’m here to help you avoid what I went through.

You can build a business that grows when you’re not launching.

Scaling your business doesn’t require that you push yourself harder and harder.

There’s a better way.

And I’m going to share it with you today.

I’ve split this tutorial into 3 parts:

Part 1 – The challenges

Part 2 – The solution with step by step instructions

Part 3 – Simple tips for boosting sales even further

By the end of this series you’re going to have everything you need to scale your business faster than you ever have before.

But first I want to make sure you understand that I’m not against launches.

As a promotional tactic… they work.

In fact it might be your first taste of online success.

So let’s start with why they work and then I’ll show you why it’s how you use launches that can lead to burnout and frustration.

Why Live Launches Work

There are three main reasons why a live launch works.

1- Anticipation

2- Social proof

3- Deadline

Your “pre launch content” connects with the problem your audience suffers through and wants solved. If your marketing is dialed in then you build excitement and anticipation of the solution you’re promising to release.

When you “open the cart” a wave of early sales rush in from your excited audience who’ve anxiously waited for your product.

These early sales and even quick wins from your first buyers give social proof to the rest of your audience that your product is in high demand.

And then when you announce the deadline to take action you see the biggest surge in sales.

(We’re going to revisit the powerful deadline component in a little bit.)

But the problem with live launches is that your income is unstable.



When Your Launch Ends… So Do Your Sales

The problem isn’t whether launches work or not (they do).

The problem is the big drop in sales after your live launch promotion ends.

In the beginning that’s not a big deal.

You don’t have a team.

You don’t have payroll.

It’s just you. Your dream. And your burning desire.

When sales rush in during your launch it’s proof that you’ve connected with an audience.

Strangers are giving you money… online! 

The fact that sales plummet after the launch doesn’t matter!

You’re on a high of excitement and possibility – as you should be.

But in the weeks and months after the launch you realize you have to answer this question:

“What next?”

You make the obvious decision: you repeat what worked. 

Which means you do another launch. And then another. And another.

You’re working harder and harder but “That’s OK” you say to yourself. “If I’m going to grow my business I have to be willing to pay the price.” 

As you start to feel more and more overwhelmed with running launches you decide to invest in your business and build a team.

But look how risky it is to crank up your expenses when your income is unpredictable and sporadic.

Before you know it –  you’re just one failed launch away from making a painful choice between dipping into your savings or firing key team members.

Your team becomes focused on the next launch instead of long term goals.

And the more you launch the more energy it drains from you and your team.

I call this cycle the Launch Burnout Cycle.

The Launch “Burnout Cycle” – A Downward Spiral of Frustration and Pain

Let me show you how it keeps you trapped in a cycle of frantic launches the more you try to grow your business.

When you’re not launching you’re losing money. 


Because between launches you have no sales. But you still have expenses that must be paid every month.

Unstable income leads to uncertainty as your mind spins on thoughts like:

“What if I have a failed launch?”

“Can I sustain several months between launches?”

“Is my team burning out?”

Uncertainty leads to short term decision making. Everything becomes about the near term. The next launch. 

You feel nervous. Anxious. Maybe even desperate.

You can’t make long term strategic plans. You need a quick infusion of cash.

And so you go with what you know… more launches.

As you spend more time in the Burnout Cycle you’ll start to notice painful symptoms of a growing problem:

  1. You have to work harder and harder yet you’re getting less and less incremental growth
  2. The bigger your launches the less profitable they are
  3. Bigger launches require more time and preparation which means longer periods of time with low to no income
  4. More frequent launches start to burn you out. Your energy drops as you get drained and your mental wellbeing takes a hit.

I think this excerpt says it best. This is from “Work Less. Make More.” by author and marketing veteran James Schramko:

There’s a way out of the Launch Burnout Cycle.

But first let’s recap some key points you’ve learned so far:

Key Takeaway #1 – Launches have their place but you can’t grow your business if you rely on them

Key Takeaway #2 – Hiring team members while you rely on launches to cover payroll is dangerous and puts you one step away from disaster or painful choices.

Key Takeaway #3 – Increasing the pace that you and your team launch burns out your team, stresses you out, and can burn out your list with constant promotions.

The Good News: You Can Escape The Burnout Cycle

The antidote is to use systems and automations to put as much of your promotions in “evergreen” mode.

When your promotions are evergreen this means that they’re being run automatically and they’re always bringing you more subscribers and sales.

Automated marketing systems (aka “evergreen”) brings a steady flow of clients and sales.

Stable income and predictable growth gives you confidence.

Confidence in your cash flow allows you to plan long term and make strategic decisions.

So instead of being in a fight for your survival you’re able to look at a longer time horizon and make better decisions.

Your investments in building your team don’t increase your risk. In fact when you attract the right team into a system that’s automated they help you make the systems better.

Instead of enabling a weak foundation of “launch to survive” your team improves your systems, which improves your income, your confidence, your planning, and your next round of decisions.

Now you understand why in business – especially online – the rich get richer and the weak get weaker.

Whether you’re in the Burnout Cycle or the Automation Cycle, investing in your business just accelerates and magnifies the loop.

Pump money into a business with a flawed foundation and you create more problems with higher risks.

But when your business has automated systems for attracting clients the money you re-invest in your business accelerates your growth.

The Missing Ingredient Your Automated “Evergreen” Must Have

There’s a lot of automated marketing funnels that won’t get you the kind of steady sales you need to grow your business quickly.

For example, a salesletter is 100% automated. Once it’s up and online it can bring you clients 24 hours a day every day of the year.

But it’s never going to convert anywhere close to what a launch will do.

The perfect solution would give you the best parts of a launch but in an automated system that gets you out of the live launch revenue rollercoaster so you can grow your business.

What’s the answer?

Key Ingredient: The Promotion Needs a Deadline

The quickest way to crank up conversions for any promotion is to add a deadline.

With a deadline, every subscriber that has been reading your emails and watching your videos is forced to decide if they’re “in” or “out”.

That’s why you’ll see launch after launch that your biggest sales day is the last 24 hours before the deadline.

I call this the “Perfect Persuasion Window.”

The Perfect Persuasion Window is the last 24 hours before your deadline.

During this window you should be seeing:

  • The biggest sales day of your launch
  • The most sales per email open or click
  • The highest conversions per visitor to your sales page and checkout page

Here’s a screenshot of the Perfect Persuasion Window on the last day before the deadline on a Black Friday promotion I ran.

This next chart is from a detailed launch analysis by Bryan Harris on his blog:

… and another example from Ramit Sethi of the last day of a launch being the best sales day:

And here are stats from a launch by Andre Chaperon.

I have a lot more proof but I think you get the point and you’ve likely seen this unfold in your own launches.

Now here’s the great news.

You already have a proven marketing process that is driven by a deadline:

Your launch.

If there’s a way to re-use your launch material then you avoid spending time trying to create something new that might not work.

Here’s the Shortcut to Getting Your Automated Sales System Finished and Working For You Faster

My goal is to guide you toward the fastest way to build an evergreen marketing system.

If you start down a path that takes too long and you lose interest or you feel the urge to run another launch to keep money coming in… there’s a big chance you won’t finish.

But if I can help guide you to a quicker result you’ll feel less pressure to launch for income. 

You’ll have your first success with automated marketing.

And you’ll want more.

Ready for the shortcut?

Use what you’ve already created.

Your launch worked.

You took your ideas and structured them into a convincing sequence of messages that convinces your ideal clients to invest their hard earned money in your program.

That’s a huge accomplishment!

So let’s use what’s already working… but make it automated.

It’s called an Evergreen Launch.

You Have a Proven System – So Automate It!

A downside of live launches that we haven’t covered yet is the missed opportunity of using your proven marketing material.

A successful product launch is really a big experiment that proves you’ve connected with a deep desire in your market.

You’ve convinced strangers to give you their hard earned money because they have a problem they believe you can solve.

If you’re only doing live launches then you’re taking your best and most proven marketing material and locking it away for several months.

Every month you’re not using your launch marketing it’s an asset you could be using but you’re not.

It’s like telling your star salesperson to stay home ten months out of the year.

What if you did this instead:

What if you could take your successful live launch and run it automatically all the time?

That’s the idea behind the Evergreen Launch!

Proof This Works: Meet Nick

Nick Stephenson is an expert on helping fiction authors build an audience of raving fans.

There’s a ton of competition on Amazon and Nick helps his clients break through the noise.

He organized his experience in a course called “Your First 10k Readers”.

He started building his own audience and then launched the course. 

His launch was a success so a few months later he did another launch.

Nick started launching more and more often. 

He would tweak and improve things with each launch but re-running launches was burning him out.

And he could tell that a lot of his prospects were going cold waiting for his next launch, even though he was relaunching a LOT.

So he created his own Evergreen Launch using the method I’m sharing with you here.

And here’s what happened.

His sales jumped 38%!

No additional cost in traffic.

He used what he already had (his successful launch process) and he escaped the Launch Burnout Cycle.

Now he acquires clients every day.

His launch runs automatically.

That’s the beauty of the Evergreen Launch I’m sharing with you here.

Ready to learn how to build it?

Let’s go.

Next Up: Step by Step How to Build Your Own Evergreen Launch

If you see the potential of automating your marketing and putting your launch on autopilot then you’re going to love what I’ve put together for you.

Believe it or not this is just the first part of a 3 part tutorial.

Here’s what’s waiting for you in the next 2 parts of this 3 part tutorial:

  • I’m going to walk you step by step through the exact setup of your Evergreen Launch
  • The last day of your Evergreen Launch is the most important to get right… make sure you use my 2 simple tips for your email sequence so you don’t lose any easy sales
  • Do your clients read emails on their iPhones and iPads? You need to make sure you know how to keep the tracking accurate across all their devices (I’ll cover this in part 2)
  • The most profitable time to emphasize the deadline… and the absolute worst timing (get this wrong and you might hurt your sales) Plus you’ll see exactly how to pull this off in your Evergreen Launch.
  • Do you have an upsell? I’ll show you how to make even more sales with a simple change that takes ten minutes or less.
  • Want to send non-buyers back through your Evergreen Launch… automatically? No problem. I’ll show you how to make this a hands-off system.
  • Would tripling new signups interest you? That’s exactly what happened for one of our clients… and he recorded an interview with me that shares the details 

There’s more you’re going to learn, but it’s going to be in a logical step-by-step process.

Sound good?

It’s waiting for you here

Plus I’ve created a “print ready” PDF blueprint you can use to build out your Evergreen Launch.

I’ve put everything online for you and it’s waiting for you here.

If you’re looking to avoid burning out from launching over and over to survive…

If you’d love to launch when you want to… not because you have to…

If you’d love to have an automated system bringing you new clients day after day…

It’s all spelled out for you here