September 11, 2018

Hello, my name is Jack Born. I’m the founder of Deadline Funnel.

My goal in this training series is to walk you step by step through the process of creating your own evergreen marketing funnel.

The fastest way to grow your business is to have a system for acquiring new clients. A system that runs around the clock, day and night.

Product launches are meant for boosting your business or launching your business. They weren’t meant to be the only way you bring in new clients.

Ready to jump in?

First let’s take a look at the funnel you’ll be creating.

Click here to download the free PDF of this funnel map.

Don’t let the simplicity fool you. If your product is in demand and you have a strong offer (which I’ll cover later in this training series) this funnel will bring in consistent sales.

And once you understand this funnel you can start to build more advanced ones.

The keys to making this automated evergreen funnel work are:

1- An automated (and real) deadline

2- Matching the timing of your emails and deadline automatically

3- A powerful offer

Before I go any further I should also point out that your product needs to solve a problem for an audience that has money to spend and is reachable.

If you can’t reach your prospects or if they can’t afford your product or they don’t have a big painful problem your product can solve… none of this will work.

As my friend Perry Marshall likes to say, “You can’t steer a parked car”.

Alright, let’s take a look at how this funnel works.


Your product is going to be available for anyone who visits your website. Nothing is preventing a new visitor from going right to your product page and seeing the regular price.

But prospects that go through your new email funnel will have a limited time to get a special deal on your product.

That might mean a discount, or bonuses, or both. We’ll cover the key ingredients for building a powerful offer a bit later in this training.

One of the benefits of structuring your marketing funnel as I’m teaching you here is that you can easily demonstrate to your prospects that you’re giving them a fantastic offer compared to the regular price on your website. There will be no doubt that your special offer is indeed better than what they normally would get.

But your special offer must have a deadline. And it must be real.

Any prospect who waits past the deadline will be prevented from getting the special deal.

This deadline at the end of your funnel will boost your sales substantially. And soon you’re going to see exactly how to automate the deadline and yet make it real for each prospect.

Now let’s look at the top of your funnel and discuss:

How Prospects Will Enter Your Funnel

Prospects will be added to your funnel automatically based on a trigger.

The trigger could happen when they sign up to your email list.

Or if they’re already on your list it could be a tag that gets applied to their subscriber record in your email software.

The trigger could also be a click, or a purchase, or really anything that would be a good starting point for introducing them to your special offer through a series of emails.

No matter what trigger you choose, each subscriber will get their own personalized deadline assigned to them.

And when they get your automated emails that announced “Today’s the last day” it truly will be the last day they can grab your special deal.

Which means you can be 100% congruent and honest even though your messages and deadlines are automated.

And this funnel you’re creating has the flexibility to work for new prospects as well as existing subscribers. So whether your goal is selling more effectively to existing subscribers or acquiring new clients from advertising you can count on this funnel to make it happen.

Here’s what’s coming next…

In the rest of this training (which you can go through as fast or as slow as you want) I’m going to give you answers and best practices for questions like:

– What’s the ideal number of days to make my email sequence?
– How do I make sure that the deadline is authentic across different mobile devices?
– How do I add an email countdown timer to my emails?
– What if someone shares my special page URL with their social network?

Plus, you’re going to get an example email sequence you can use to build out your own emails faster.

The rest of the training is in the a convenient video library of short videos you can binge watch like a Netflix series.

Click here to visit the free training library on building your evergreen funnel.