January 5, 2016
Using the Infusionsoft campaign builder and Deadline Funnel API integration, you can build an evergreen sales funnel that syncs across multiple devices, looks good on mobile, works on any page, and can be triggered anywhere in your marketing.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll need to do:

  1. Create two custom fields in Infusionsoft: deadlinetext and couponcode
  2. Login to Deadline Funnel and authorize your Infusionsoft account
  3. Set up the HTTP post in your Infusionsoft campaign builder
  4. Test to make sure everything’s working the way you want it to
  5. Launch your funnel

The following videos explain how to get started:

1. How to Create Custom Fields in Infusionsoft

2. How to Connect Infusionsoft to Deadline Funnel

3. How to Set Up the HTTP Post

4. How to Test