March 4, 2020

One of the questions that we get asked a lot is…

Can you create an evergreen virtual summit with Deadline Funnel?

Short answer – yes!

I recorded a 10-minute video that shows how to set this up in Deadline Funnel.

You can use this method to set up a timed trainingPLF-style campaign, or virtual summit – and it’s useful for any type of funnel where you are connecting multiple deadlines and offers.

In the video:

00:00 – PLF, virtual summit, timed training
00:27 – Each day’s content has a deadline
00:41 – How to structure the training
01:34 – Different types of content to include
02:01 – Two types of deadlines
02:14 – Challenges with automating a timed training
03:32 – Each deadline = new Deadline Funnel campaign
05:29 – Connecting each day to the next day
07:53 – Overview of the entire process
10:40 – Testing

I also had a great interview with Navid Moazzez about virtual summits, and we talked about how to deploy virtual summits together with Deadline Funnel to build your list and grow your revenue.

One of the summits Navid talks about in the interview generated 26,070 subscribers and 2,100 customers!

How to use virtual summits and urgency to build your list and your profits.