February 10, 2016

We’re excited to announce that you can now integrate your Deadline Funnel evergreen funnels and countdown timers with the awesome Drip email marketing tool.

Because of this powerful new integration, you can now start an automated campaign at any point in time with your current subscriber list. Yes! Your subscribers don’t have to opt-in to begin an automated campaign or enter your evergreen funnel. You can choose to add them to a campaign or funnel and sync up all the deadlines using Deadline Funnel.

You can run an Evergreen Campaign at any time in Drip and have Deadline Funnel enforce your deadline. #powerfulmarketing

How to Integrate your Deadline Funnel Account with Drip

1. Click on Triggers >> API Integration in the left navigation of your Deadline Funnel account:

Triggers-API Integration

2.  Then scroll down until you see the Drip settings:


3.  Inside your Drip account, copy the number from your account URL:


4.  Paste this number into your Deadline Funnel account, in the box labeled, Drip Account ID:

paste account id

5.  Then, navigate to your Drip Account Settings >> User Settings:

my user settings

6.  Copy the API Token from the bottom box and paste it into the appropriate box in your Deadline Funnel account:

api token

7.  After you have added the API Token into your Deadline Funnel account, click ‘Save’:

click save

How The Integration Works

Once you have your Drip account integrated with your Deadline Funnel account, you simply need to decide which of your Drip campaigns you want to use. Ideally, this will be a campaign that includes a promotion with an expiring deadline.

If you don’t already have a Deadline Funnel countdown set up, it’s really easy to create one. Click ‘Add New’ in countdowns and select the type of countdown you want to create, the number of days, etc. We have a lot of tutorials in our Knowledgebase that walk you through all the different options.

add new countdown

Be sure to choose the deadline text format, so that your subscriber receives your information the way you want, i.e., ‘Hey Bob, don’t forget that tomorrow, Monday, January 11 at 11:59PM Eastern Standard time is the deadline’. Deadline Funnel really shines in these small details that add an extra level of authenticity and credibility to your deadline, even though it’s an Evergreen campaign.

You’ll want to make sure the name of your countdown matches the name of the campaign. You can have a lot of countdown timers and Deadline Funnel works by syncing your countdowns with your campaigns, so naming them the same thing is a best practice.

Be sure to Test your Setup

Once you have created your countdown timer, be sure to test your setup. You can test your integration and your setup by subscribing using a ‘demo’ email address that you own. We all have at least 3 email addresses, right?

Being able to integrate your Drip campaigns with Deadline Funnel Evergreen funnels is sure to provide no stress marketing automation.

Once your integration is complete, you have full control and will be able to send automated campaigns or add a subscriber to an evergreen funnel whenever you like. This provides powerful automated marketing that multiples your efforts and increases authenticity.

Deadline Funnel provides next-level marketing control and confidence that your funnel will not ‘break’, negatively affecting your conversions.

Deadline Funnel Customers Can Use This Right Now

Current Deadline Funnel customers can get additional details in our KnowledgeBase including a full tutorial video that walks you through setting up your Drip integration. In addition, we are only an email away if you have any questions at help@deadlinefunnel.com.