November 25, 2021

Mia Danielle Mia is a YouTuber, the host of ‘The Mind Your Home Podcast’, and a long-time blogger. Her mission is to help people create holistic, clutter-free spaces and to transform our homes into their greatest support systems.

In today’s interview, I interview her about how she moved from selling her online course in live launches to selling it with an evergreen autowebinar funnel, including using Deadline Funnel.

Watch the video of my interview with Mia or read the transcript below!

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Jack Born: Hey, everyone. This is Jack Born, founder of Deadline Funnel, and I’m here with Mia Danielle. Mia, great to have you here.

Mia Danielle: Thanks, I’m happy to be here. Thanks for the invite.

Jack Born: Yeah. So why don’t you tell us a little bit about your business and who you serve and how you help them?

Mia Danielle: Yeah, so I have a… Well, I’ve had a blog for many years now, and over time, that transitioned into a podcast which has turned into a YouTube channel. And essentially, I just help people to create holistic and clutter-free spaces. So I just use things that I’ve done with my own students. I have a course, Clutter Cure, which is where I use Deadline Funnel. And so I just like to help people to create spaces that are supportive to them and that feel really good. So that’s always been kind of my core passion, is to help people to create spaces that feel good and that don’t stress them out, but instead, feel really supportive. And over time, it’s just kind of grown into its own thing.

Jack Born: So tell me a little bit about your origin story. Were you doing this offline for clients one-on-one? How did you find your way into this particular space?

Mia Danielle: Yeah, so I think that, like most people, it was a personal experience that led me to just sharing my thoughts on a blog. So when my daughters were really young, which now they’re teenagers, they’re 13 and 15, but at the time I became a single mom, they were like two and four years old. And so I kind of went through my own journey of realizing that I really needed to have a support system at home so that I could take downtime, so that I didn’t have to be taking care of everything all the time, to be like at 100%. And so I did my own research journey. I came across things like clutter-free living and holistic living and all these different things that you see on Instagram and online and everything. But I really found it interesting. The more research that I did and the psychology behind how impactful our environments are to our mindset and our level of anxiety and our emotions, and even our physical body, like all of these different things, I just really started nerding out on it. And so I started sharing and kind of joining the conversation online. First, just through a blog, just sharing my ideas, things that I tried, that I thought were interesting and that I thought worked really well. And yeah, and it just kind of grew from there. People started asking me for advice about things.

Jack Born: So how did you go from sharing your advice and nerding out on stuff to initially launching your first product?

Mia Danielle: Oh, I was probably… I’m guessing like about a year in to just blogging before I came across Melyssa Griffin and-

Jack Born: Oh, okay, yeah.

Mia Danielle: Yeah, and so a lot of people just trying to turn out, “well, how can I make this into a profession? ‘Cause I really love talking about it and doing it. How can I make money off of this?” And so Melyssa Griffin was my first kind of touch point, I guess, to that whole world of digital courses. And then, of course, Amy Porterfield. Basically just the more that I started learning about how to get my blog in front of more people, the more I came across resources talking about how you can monetize this and make it into a business. And so about a year in, I created my first iteration of Clutter Cure. And then, of course, now it’s expanded and changed quite a bit since that first iteration. But that was when I first started trying to look at it as more of a business and less of just something to talk about online.

Jack Born: So tell me about the process that you use, at least at a high level. Did you pre-sell it? Did you have people already on your list and you surveyed them or started to interact with them? Or did you go off and build the content first? Different people do it different ways. I’m just kinda curious what you-

Mia Danielle: Yeah, I definitely did not do it with a mindful business strategy at the time. No, I dumped hours into creating this course, and the first time around, nobody bought it. It probably was like a good 9 to 10 months in before I was able to effectively market it to anybody. And even then, it wasn’t super successful. So I would say I’ve been blogging or sharing about this message for five or six years. I was a good two and a half years in before I started breaking even, even, like on the time that I invested into creating the course before I started seeing, “okay, well, maybe this can be profitable.” And then, at this point, I’m able to make a regular revenue on it. I’ve got like evergreen funnels that are set up and things are a lot more complex. But I definitely, I would recommend that you start off with probably validating your course and pre-selling it like a lot of the experts recommend, but that’s not the way that I initially went about it.

Jack Born: How did you sustain yourself through the ups and downs as you were working your way towards where you are now?

Mia Danielle: I had side jobs that I would pick up. So I was taking care of children after school for a while.

Jack Born: Let me interrupt that. I wasn’t so much asking like how you kept money coming in, although that is interesting, but more like from an emotional standpoint. Like how did you maintain your passion and your focus?

Mia Danielle: I mean, I went through the rollercoaster like I think a lot of other people do of, “should I do this? Is this a waste of my time?” I would feel really pumped up. Something would go really well, and I would think, “okay, I can do this. This is great.” And then you have the rollercoaster. I would feel completely defeated a couple of months later trying a launch that didn’t turn out as well as I thought. So, I mean, I think that, gosh, the entrepreneurial journey could definitely be an emotional rollercoaster. I’m glad that I stuck it out. There were a lot of, I remember there have been many days where I thought, “no, this just isn’t gonna work”, because it did take me a long time before I started seeing that return. But I think that a lot of it is that I did also enjoy talking about the subject. I think that makes a big difference. It was something that I had started doing without a money process in mind initially. So I did enjoy talking about it, and that didn’t change. I think that that really helped me to stick in it. And then also seeing so many other entrepreneurs out there and how that they had roller coasters, too, that they had times of doubt that they came through helped me to stick it out to a point to where I made it eventually to seeing it being profitable.

Jack Born: Okay. Yeah. So was there one major turning point, or was it really the slow buildup of just continuing to show up in your business and doing things day after day and finally… Sort of like the old adage of an overnight success, 10 years in the making?

Mia Danielle: Yeah. I mean, I would say that it was not an overnight thing. It definitely was… Yeah, it was a very slow progress. The biggest turning point just in general, I guess, would be when I started the YouTube channel. I started seeing a lot more growth with that. But I mean, I was already somewhat profitable by that point. So it’s definitely been just stackin’ the chips. Trying one thing, it didn’t work out, tweaking it, making it better, over and over again.

Jack Born: Speaking of trying different things, tell me about what was going on in your business that led you to Deadline Funnel.

Mia Danielle: Actually, I started Deadline Funnel when I got into Mariah Coz’s program, so the Accelerator program. It’s basically one of the core staples of what she teaches in that program in order to keep the evergreen funnel sustainable. And, yeah, I’d heard about it before, but I didn’t actually implement it and start using it until I got into her program. And that was probably… I don’t know, a year and a half, maybe two years ago.

Jack Born: Okay. And was that for a webinar funnel, an email funnel? What sort of intake process did you build out using Deadline Funnel?

Mia Danielle: It’s for a webinar funnel.

Jack Born: Okay, yeah. As I was asking the question, I thought, “that’s what she teaches is the webinar funnel”; I know that. So great. Was it a webinar that you had done live a few times and so you knew it was converting? Or did you just sit down and say, “okay, I’m gonna create this automated webinar?”

Mia Danielle: No, yeah. It’s one that I had already tweaked a while. I was having success with it in live launches. I tried doing evergreen before, like without Deadline Funnel, just using different types of platforms. I can’t remember the name of the ones that I’ve used, but it was really a very different type of system. And also, I didn’t have a whole lot of, I was good at writing emails, but there wasn’t a whole lot of strategy behind it at the time. So my evergreen just, to say the least, was not performing well. But the live launches I was getting the return from, from the webinar itself. So I thought, “it’s probably a good webinar. I just don’t have the right system in place,” you know?

Jack Born: So when you started using Deadline Funnel, was that a turning point for your evergreen funnels in terms of actually being able to bring clients in?

Mia Danielle: Yeah, actually. Everything has changed with my evergreen funnel. It’s a mixture of things, of course, like the sales page that I got a lot of information on for Mariah, the email sequence, but Deadline Funnel, I think… I mean, you have to have the urgency, right? And it’s really hard to build that urgency when you’re doing an automated evergreen sequence. And so that the urgency I think is just a necessary component, and that’s what Deadline Funnel provides. And it’s also really simple to use. So once I got it set up, and I know that I- Actually, the customer service there has been awesome. I think I’ve spoken to you directly a couple of times in the customer service, like with questions that I’ve had setting it up. But once I got it set up, it’s just so simple to use. So I think that that’s definitely one of the turning points and actually being able to see results was having something that I’m not having to look at all the time that’s adding that urgency.

Jack Born: Awesome. So let me ask this. For anyone who is interested in decluttering their environment, where should they go to find out more about your techniques? Do you have any free resources that you give away? Yeah, where should people go to start learning about what you share?

Mia Danielle: Yeah, definitely. So, I mean, you can watch the masterclass directly. It’s at my website or /watch; I think I have two different ones. But of course, the YouTube channel has a lot of good resources there, too.

Jack Born: Awesome. And where would they- would they just go to YouTube and look you up by name? Where should they go?

Mia Danielle: Well, I finally reached the point where I can get my name on my official URL. There’s a little bit of time that you have to go through before that. So now you can go to

Jack Born: Nice, awesome. Great to have you here, and thank you for sharing your journey.

Mia Danielle: Yeah, definitely. Thanks for having me.