July 14, 2016

This morning we launched a very significant update to our admin that changes the way you add Deadline Funnel to your marketing funnels! Huge kudos to our team for getting us to this point – lots of development, usability testing, and bug-fixes happening behind the scenes over the last few weeks. 🙂

If you already have Deadline Funnel campaign(s) created in your account, your existing campaigns will definitely continue working.

Any and all pages where you have countdown code or optin integration code or invisible tracking code… those will all continue to work.

Your emails with countdown timers, deadlinetext and couponcode custom fields, and API integrations will also continue to work.

One of the biggest changes is that instead of embedding multiple codes for each campaign, and different codes for inline countdown, floating bar, optin form, etc – we’ve introduced a new universal code for your account.

So moving forward, you’ll only need to embed one code on your pages, and then in Deadline Funnel specify what you want to happen on each of your URLs.

When you’re ready to edit your existing campaigns, that’s when you’ll need to upgrade to the new universal code.

Here’s a video overview of the changes:


Instructions below – and if you have any questions please send us an email at help[at]deadlinefunnel.com. We’re working to make Deadline Funnel as easy as possible to use and would love to hear your feedback!

How to Migrate to the Deadline Funnel Universal Code

1. Click on Tracking Code in the left navigation, and replace any existing Deadline Funnel code you have on your pages with this universal tracking code. It’s the same code across your entire account… so it’s going to be the same regardless of which campaign you’re working on.


2. Click on Use It in the left navigation (if you haven’t created a new campaign yet go to Countdowns >> Add New to create one first)


3. Under the first tab, Funnel Steps, add each URL where you want to use Deadline Funnel. Right next to the URL field is an option to select the type of deadline you want to show on the page. You can choose from Inline Countdown, Floating Bar, Optin Form, Hidden Image Trigger, Promo Code Redemption, and Sales Tracking.


Once you’ve completed the steps above, please test your funnel by going to each of the URLs you added under Funnel Steps and verify that everything’s working as you expected.

The other tabs across the top of the Use It area allow you to easily integrate Deadline Funnel with your emails, customize the webpage countdown appearance, customize the floating bar style, update general settings, and test the tracking for your Deadline Funnel campaigns.

Questions You Might Have About Your Existing Deadline Funnel Campaigns:

1) “Do I have to change anything in my existing funnel?”


Any and all pages where you have the Deadline Funnel code will still work as always.

Countdowns, Floating Bars, Optin Form integrations, Pixels, they work the same today as they did yesterday and so there’s nothing you need to change.

Next question…

2) “OMG – I need something changed NOW and I am in the middle of a promotion. What can I do?”

In the short term what we can do is help you if you need changes made but you can’t change to the new code.

Just send us a support ticket from the admin and we’ll help you out.

3) “Why did you make this change?”

Simply to make Deadline Funnel easier to use.

We listened to clients like you – many of whom said they love the power of Deadline Funnel – but the process of getting it setup wasn’t as intuitive as they would have liked.

So we started working with a handful of clients to get their feedback.

And from those meetings we discovered that we could streamline the workflow, simplify the admin, and give you just ONE code that you can use in any of your pages.

Please give us your feedback: Good, bad or otherwise. We want to hear it all.