December 18, 2018

If you use AWeber for your email marketing then we have great news!

Deadline Funnel now integrates directly with AWeber – and this update replaces our existing Zapier integration with AWeber so you no longer will need to use Zapier.

If you’re new to our integrations here’s why this is a big deal.

Let’s imagine you want to start a Deadline Funnel campaign for each subscriber that joins a specific list in your AWeber account.

As soon as they join your list, Deadline Funnel will automatically start a deadline for them and personalize it based on when they joined your list.

And Deadline Funnel will even update the subscriber’s custom field to have the actual date of their deadline. Which is great for personalizing your follow up emails to include their deadline in the body or subject line of the email.

Most importantly, when you use the Deadline Funnel links in your follow up emails you’ll be sure to show your prospects the correct deadline regardless of whether they’re reading your emails on their desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

By using a deadline in your automated follow up emails you’ll motivate more of your prospects to become clients when they’re most interested.

Check out our documentation here for the step by step instructions on how to put it together.

And then head over to the Deadline Funnel University to learn the ABC’s of creating your own high converting evergreen funnel.