December 8, 2015

Did you know LeadPages is one of the fastest growing companies over the last two years in the Internet marketing space?  They’ve provided a product that thousands of digital marketers use – Kissmetrics reports that they went from 0 to 15,000 users in their first 12 months after launching.

And for a long time we’ve offered one method of adding a Deadline Funnel countdown timer to your LeadPage.

But recently we’ve been working on two major updates:

  1. Creating an additional method for integrating Deadline Funnel and LeadPages
  2. Building a video training library for LeadPages users who are embedding Deadline Funnel on their site

How does this help me?

With the new integration you’ll now be able to seamlessly integrate a Deadline Funnel timer into your page. The user experience for the countdown timer on your LeadPage will be completely consistent with your existing theme and branding, and it will look extremely “native.”

And our new video training series for LeadPages covers 99.99% of questions you might have when you’re getting started, and they feature Jack Born (founder of Deadline Funnel).  You can first watch how to do something, pause the video, and then try it out for yourself. 🙂

Old vs. new integrations


Previously, you could only add a floating bar to the top or bottom of your LeadPage, as shown on the screenshot on the left.

The new method for adding a Deadline Funnel countdown to your LeadPage lets you add it as an inline timer – as you can see in the right screenshot above.

In addition the native look and feel of the new inline timer, an added bonus is that it’s really easy to set up.

Get started with this video tutorial to add an inline countdown to your LeadPage!

Video training library


The new LeadPages video series currently includes 11 videos that cover the following topics:

  • How to create an inline timer
  • How to delay showing the countdown timer
  • How to boost the credibility of your sales copy
  • How to set up expiring links
  • Formatting emails for mobile
  • Optin form integration
  • How to setup custom fields
  • Testing optin form integration
  • Using multiple URLs and countdowns
  • 3 proven upsell formulas

Start watching now!

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