August 23, 2016


It’s a digital marketing buzzword for how you can increase your conversion rates, and create more revenue for your business – while spending LESS time in the process.

Today we’re talking about the three most important automated campaigns that you should implement into your marketing funnel:

  1. Special offer for new subscribers
  2. Second chance for non-buyers
  3. Reactivation for stale leads

Here’s the crazy thing…

Big multi-million-dollar companies are spending INSANE amounts of money to implement these strategies.

I’m not kidding! Take a look at BounceX – they provide technology for companies to implement these strategies and it starts at $3999/month. $50,000 a year.

So the great news is that not only can you apply these same strategies to increase your conversion rates by setting up these three automated campaigns using Deadline Funnel (integrated with your email provider), but we’d be happy to chat with you and walk through how to set it up specifically for your funnel.

Just open the live chat in the bottom corner of the page to schedule a time to talk. ?

Let’s dive in!

Examples in e-commerce

1. Special offer for new subscribers

This is one of the easiest campaigns to create, and can be more tangible for the customer since you’re offering a discount on a product/service they would be potentially buying, instead of offering a free download or other “lead magnet.”

In the example below, DODOcase offers new subscribers a 15% discount when they sign up for their email list:


2. Second chance for non-buyers

More commonly known as a “cart abandonment” promotion, this campaign is also very popular and targets potential customers who visit your order page / checkout process but never complete their purchase.

Here, BirchBox is emailing a 20% coupon to visitors who abandoned their cart:


3. Reactivation for unengaged leads

The reactivation campaign targets “stale” leads on your email list – or in this example targeting people who have visited your website, not visited your order page, and are now leaving the site.

Green Mountain Mustard offers people leaving their website (and not purchasing) a 10% discount:


How to implement those campaigns in your marketing funnel

In this section we’ll walk through how to create these same campaigns using your email provider and Deadline Funnel…

…so that even if you’re not using complex shopping cart software, you can still take advantage of these marketing tactics to increase your revenue. ?

1. Special offer for new subscribers

The special offer for new subscribers usually consists of someone opting in, and then receiving several educational emails to warm them up to your offer.

Using Deadline Funnel, you can start the deadline when someone opts in using either our optin form integration or our API integration.

With the API integration, you can add a webhook to your email automation, and wherever that webhook is added is when the deadline will be triggered for that subscriber.

The optin form integration is also really easy to use – you just add the Deadline Funnel tracking code to your optin page, enter your optin URL into Deadline Funnel, and we’ll automatically start tracking anyone who signs up for your list. 

And just because the deadline starts as someone opts in doesn’t mean they need to know about it right away. In the example below the offer is introduced on Day 4 and expires at midnight three days later.



2. Second chance for non-buyers

It’s awesome when people buy – money in the bank. ?

But when they don’t, it’s really valuable to follow up with them again and give them a second chance to purchase.

There are many different factors that could have caused them to not buy the first time, even if they did want to purchase your product eventually.

The psychology behind this campaign is very similar to a cart abandonment campaign – but you can implement this even if you’re not technically using a “shopping cart.

Most email providers allow you to tag someone when they visit your order page, and then tag them again when they reach the thank you page.

So the segment that you would target here is people who visited your order page but didn’t visit your thank you page.

Using the Deadline Funnel API integration (available for ActiveCampaign, Drip, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, and Ontraport), you could then send a webhook from your email provider to Deadline Funnel as soon as the subscriber becomes part of the “non-buyer” group:



3. Reactivation for unengaged leads

HubSpot removed 250,000 subscribers from their email list last December.

And you can absolutely bet they sent out multiple campaigns to those people before they finally tagged them as “unengaged” and removed them from their list.

You can do the same thing with your list when someone on your list has been unengaged for a certain period of time (i.e. 30 days)…

When they’ve reached the criteria that you use to determine who is unengaged, apply a tag or move them to a new list.

And again, using the Deadline Funnel API integration, you can then add a webhook right after that tag is added or they’re moved to the new list so that a new deadline is started for that subscriber.

Send unengaged leads a reactivation sequence that starts with three days of educational content, and then introduce the offer on day 4, which would expire on day 7.

If they don’t engage at that point then it might be time to focus your attention elsewhere!



For more detailed instructions on how to create evergreen funnels using your email provider and landing page builder, visit the Deadline Funnel guide.

Questions, comments, or feedback? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below – or feel free to shoot us an email at help [at] deadlinefunnel [dot] com. ?