January 13, 2016

We get some of our best ideas for new features from our current clients and our latest feature is no different. Our clients have been asking for an option that redirects a site visitor to the optin page (or beginning of their sales funnel) if Deadline Funnel finds no tracking when they visit ‘any’ page in the funnel. We call this feature, the Single Point of Entry.

Why You Need a Single Point of Entry:

What if someone who is already in your funnel shares a page with someone who is not? If that happens, the 2nd prospect lands on Page 2 of your funnel without any context or follow-up. In fact, since this new person isn’t being tracked and isn’t actually going through your funnel, you don’t have them on your list and your conversions will likely suffer.

You thoughtfully created your funnel to move your prospects from the initial opt-in to the offer. You created a specific sequence and optimized the order of the steps for conversion, so ideally your prospects will follow that set path. You don’t want anyone to jump into the middle of the process, do you? That would be like entering in the middle of the latest Star Wars movie and wondering what all the hype was about.

It’s easy to see why you as a marketer don’t want people to skip around in the funnel, but it’s actually not the right thing for your prospect either. They won’t understand the context of what they are seeing on Page 2 and as a result, they may misunderstand your offer. This could have a couple of negative effects:

  1. They may really want what you are offering but they can’t tell from that one isolated page.
  2. Since they are not on your list and receiving your follow-up, they may have no idea what to do next in the process and won’t get the solution to their problem.

How Single Point of Entry Works:

Adding the new Single Point of Entry code to your page provides a number of benefits:

  • No matter what page in your funnel your prospect lands on, they will be re-directed to the beginning of your funnel, i.e., your optin page. (In our movie analogy, your prospect would be sent to a different theater in which the Star Wars movie was just getting ready to begin.)
  • Once the prospect has opted in, Deadline Funnel will begin tracking them, enabling you to personalize your interaction with them.
  • In addition to the name and email address, Deadline Funnel will add the date that your prospect was added to your sales funnel into your email servicer provider. You can use this date in future communication with them to ensure that they don’t miss any awesome bonuses or your great offer.

Deadline Funnel Makes Single Point of Entry Easy:

Deadline Funnel provides next-level marketing control and confidence that your funnel will not ‘break’, negatively affecting your conversions.

Current Deadline Funnel clients can learn more about the Single Point of Entry feature in our knowledgebase.

It is very simple to change any existing Deadline Funnel campaign or create a new one and add the necessary code to redirect prospects to your optin page whenever Deadline Funnel doesn’t detect any tracking. This ensure that your prospects go through your sequence in the right order, being exposed to all the right information, at the right time.